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Finally, a glove designed specifically for musicians, roadies, lighting, staging & rigging pros, A/V techs, film & broadcast production pros, photographers, videographers and all other gigging professionals. Now you can protect your most important piece of equipment - your hands. Don't put your precious hands at risk with some inferior glove you may find in a home improvement store. Gig Gloves offer you complete protection along with the flexibility you need to safely, quickly and efficiently work and/or play your gig every step of the way. That includes any and all of the following: loading your vehicle, load-in at the venue, set up, tear down, load out, and unloading your vehicle. Suddenly you're realizing how often you put your hands at risk, huh? Remember, in the gigging industries if you hurt your hands, you're out of commission. Gig Gloves are designed so that you don't have to take the gloves off until your job is done, greatly reducing the risk of injury. So what are you waiting for?

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