MJC Ironworks bass and guitar strings are next level! They believe their combinations and core-to-wrap ratios achieve the sound and dependability that working musicians are looking for and can trust to deliver a full bodied sound and a long life. We're looking for new dealers that are ready to get these strings on their shelves and into the hands of customers!

bass strings


Available in 4, 5, 6 or 7 string sets. The reviews speak for themselves!

electric guitar strings

High tensile strength tin plated core wire, with an 8% nickel plated wrap wire wound over the core – then treated with MJC's (secret) treatment that treats the core wire as well as the wrap wire for added life and a wonderful feel.

The interior of the package is also treated to add even more protection to the product – one that will deliver a “fresh as the day it was made” feel for months to come.


acoustic guitar strings

High tensile strength tin plated core wire, with an 80/20 brass wrap wire wound over the core. Same secret treatment, awesome acoustic strings.


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