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"The Dealers and Vendors are our Partners"

This simple, core philosophy defines how Reflex Marketing operates. The equilateral triangle in our logo represents the synergy and collaboration that occurs between Reflex representatives, our dealers and the vendor community. We share the common goal of conducting good business and achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.

Reflex Marketing has been a mainstay in the musical instrument, pro audio and contractor markets of the NY/NJ/PA region for over 35 years, and has expanded recently with many suppliers to cover the entire Northeastern U.S. We are continually updating our ability to communicate with the dealer base and promote the latest products from our vendors, and in 2021 have rolled out expanded resources to serve everyone’s needs at an even higher level.

The Reflex Marketing team acts as the ultimate liaison in this alliance. Our salespeople accept the responsibility and accountability that comes along with managing vendor-retailer relationships, understanding that problem-solving skills are as important as the old-fashioned sales pitch. Our purpose is to contribute to your business, adding value at every possible level. We’re on the lookout for both opportunities and threats, all while pursuing our shared quest of increased sales.

Buyers and sellers get together to make decisions based on mutual value propositions. Retailers evaluate profits, brand equity and consumer acceptance. Suppliers look for display, demonstration, promotion and sales of their offerings. While this sounds straight forward, there are nuances and hurdles such as you’d find in any relationship. That’s where Reflex steps in, making reciprocity our watchword, and endeavoring to exceed your expectations as our clients and constituents.

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