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Michael Tobias Design offers spectacular bass guitars, with a profound emphasis on sound and playability. The production line Kingston Series features instruments ranging from bread and butter rock basses, R&B beauties to shred-worthy models.

Kingston Andrew gouché


The Kingston Andrew Gouché, or the Kingston AG, began in 2010, with close collaboration between Michael Tobias and the signature artist.

The Kingston AG features a carved alder body, with a stunning burl maple top. Alder makes a very warm, big sounding, slightly compressed, punchy bass. The burl maple top helps to focus the low end, while the purpleheart fingerboard complements the custom smoky purple satin finish, tying everything together for Andrew’s favorite tone and feel. The AG also features proprietary MTD Bartolini soapbar pickups, adding to it’s incredible tone. 

Saratoga deluxe


Active electronics, a flamed maple top, and overall (gig-friendly) versatility.

In true MTD style, it maintains favored ergonomics (asymmetrical neck), the Quick Release Bridge, the Buzz Feiten Tuning System, and an Active/Passive switch.

The Active/Passive switch couples the great sounding passive hum-cancelling J pickups directly to the output and engages the passive tone control in tandem, with the volume pot. When in the active mode, the 3-band preamp takes over, with Bass, Mid, and Treble controls, offering cut/boost at just the right frequencies.

Kingston super


Powerful electronics, premium finishes, and a sleek carved body, make the Kingston Super the perfect combination of beauty, brawn, and tonal flexibility.

In addition to a 3-band active preamp, the Kingston Super sports a mini-switch for each MM-style pickup. While in the down postion, the pickups are in humcancelling series mode, providing a bold punch and growl. In the middle position, the pickups are in single coil mode, making them sound bright and twangy. In the up position, the pickups are in humcancelling parallel mode, making them sound bright and sweet, with a slightly lower output than series mode. When both pickups are in single coil mode and the blend pot is centered, they are humcancelling. How’s that, for some ear candy?

Kingston z


Further playing up the boutique-style of this instrument, the Kingston Z features a high quality (and carefully constructed) Mahogany core, with a beautiful Burled Maple top. The carved mahogany body lends a rich voice and darker overtone to the instrument, while the burl top helps to focus the low end, delivering unparalleled beauty and performance.


The Kingston Z, available in 4, 5, and 6-string models, (as well as fretless and left handed versions) features our wood covered proprietary passive soapbar pickups, elegant headstock, and asymmetrical neck, providing exceptional ergonomics, ranking it high among players as one of MTD's most popular models. 

Kingston zx


Available only as a 5-string, the Kingston ZX comes equipped with MTD's custom (proprietary) Bartolini electronics and pickups, a carved Mahogany body, and a stunning maple burl top, finished in an option of satin dark cherry burst or translucent black gloss.

The mahogany body has a rich voice and a darker overtone, while the maple burl top helps to focus the low end, further adding to the ZX’s appeal. It has an incredibly wide range of tones, allowing it to blend seamlessly into any genre of music, making it candy for your eyes and ears. Beautiful tone. Great cosmetics. This bass has it all.



Born from decades of design experience, innovation, and the desire to provide a pure rock essential, MTD delivers a modern take on a classic staple— The Kingston CRB.

This MTD take on a “P” style instrument sports a familiar basswood body, classic tone, proprietary pickups (MTD designed), a quick release bridge, asymmetrical neck, and expertly designed ergonomics, appreciated by both beginning and intermediate players alike.

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