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Meet Our Effects Enthusiast

Mike Stockdale

Working in the Musical Instrument industry for 25 years, Mike has played through countless pedals and effects processors.  As a gigging musician for over 20 years, he has built his fair share of pedalboard rigs.   


“From the first time I put a DOD Supra Distortion in front of my amp, I was hooked. I’ve been building pedalboards ever since. Experimenting with the interplay of different stompboxes, their position in the signal chain, and the alchemy of dialing each of them in has been something I’ve always loved to do. The recent explosion of effects designers and their innovations have created endless tonal possibilities for all musicians.”


Set up an interactive webinar today with Reflex Marketing’s resident effects enthusiast to see and hear the products for yourself. Not only will you get an idea of how our pedals sound, but Mike will also show you how the Reflex Effects Collection can help you create an RFX Destination Store of your own.

gain effects

 These preamp effects push, shape and saturate your original signal to transform your tone.  From subtle grit to crushing fuzz, gain effects can either fatten up your tone or slam the front end of your amp.


Effects like compression, boost, and EQ harness the dynamics of your guitar.  This can add warmth and sustain or push the amplifier’s front end into distortion. 


Delay, Echo and Reverb pedals recreate your signal and blends it with the original.  Time and feedback controls create a repeating or cavernous effect.  This can create  anything from subtle slapback and ambiance to haunting, canyon-like echoes.


 These are pedals that use a combination of delay, volume, or phase modulation to create oscillations in your signal.   Chorus, Flanger, Phaser and Tremolo are all tools that add movement to your sound.

These pedals track your signal and recreate them with an oscillator.  It is further processed through a variety of filters and oscillators to create keyboard synthesizer-like sounds.  From subsonic bass tones to dramatic filter sweeps, Synth pedals add another dimension to your palette of sounds.

amp pedals

Full power amplifiers housed in a stompbox.  These pedals are designed to drive speaker cabinets.  Perfect for any musician who want the power of an amp rig that fits on their pedalboard.  These are not to be confused with preamp pedals that output a line level signal.


These pedals indicate the tuning of your instrument, letting you know when you have adjusted to the correct pitch.  Some include buffer amps to boost your signal or power distribution to feed other pedals.


These pedals recreate amplifier tones, cabinet emulation, and room ambience, allowing the musician to send their signal directly to a recording interface or PA system without the use of an amplifier.   Modeling pedals are perfect for silent stages, recording, and re-amping situations.




Switchers and routers manage the direction of your signal path.  These allow the builder to accommodate more complex pedal board and amp rigs.


These unique pedals allow the musician to ‘tap’ a rhythm with their foot and create a number of percussive sounds.   These can either be created acoustically or digitally.


These distribute the necessary power to each component of your pedalboard, eliminating the need for individual batteries.  A must for any pedalboard build.


From interconnect and power cables, to solutions for attaching pedals to a board, these products are essential to building any pedal board rig.

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