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Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments’ origin trace back to Flatiron Mandolin and Banjo Company in Bozemen, Montana. For decades, the ultimate mandolin experience has been hand-crafted by skilled artisans, dedicated to the art of building these incredible instruments. We're looking for new dealers that want to provide the best of the best mandolins to their customers.

weber walks the walk when it comes to sustainability

the heritage series

Weber's finest offering of standard production mandolins and acoustic instruments, comprised of the Fern F14-F, Vintage F14-O and the legendary Diamondback mandolins. 

Fern F14-F

Vintage F14-O

Diamondback F14-F

Crooked River F14-F

the Yellowstone series

The Yellowstone has earned a complete face lift with a high gloss Burnt Amber burst and ivoroid top and back binding with black/white/black purfling. The new dovetail neck joint and the hand-voicing of the 3A Sitka spruce tops give the Yellowstone new chops! Available in Mandolin, Mandola, Octave Mandolin and Mandocello.

Yellowstone F14-F

Yellowstone F14-O


Yellowstone A14-F


Yellowstone A14-O


the bitterroot series

The Bitterroots have a new, thinner Faded Amber finish. With Weber's advanced deflection monitoring and Hand-Voicing, the Bitterroots have more chop and volume. These acoustic instruments are available in Mandolin and Octave Mandolin body shapes.

Bitterroot F14-F


Bitterroot F20-F

Octave Mandolin

Bitterroot F14-O


Bitterroot F20-O

Octave Mandolin

Bitterroot A14-F


Bitterroot A20-F

Octave Mandolin

Bitterroot A14-O


Bitterroot A20-O

Octave Mandolin

the gallatin series

Get all the chop, tone and volume you expect from a Weber mandolin without the frills. The new all satin Amber finish has relaunched the traditional look and sound.

Gallatin F14-F


Gallatin F14-O


special edition instruments

Weber welcomes the new decade with a deluxe series of Special Edition instruments, each of which offers you a new voice, a new path of expression to inspire you to new heights. Deeper body chambers, shellac finishes, alternative bracing patterns and exciting wood combinations are just a few of the elements that define this array of breathtaking mandolins, all featuring Weber dovetail joints and each Sound Optimized for maximum performance. No clear-cut woods are used in Weber mandolins, which are individually hand-crafted by a small, dedicated team of luthiers in Bend, Oregon.


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Exotic Kona A20-F Special Edition Octave Mandolin

Red Rocks F14-F Special Edition Octave Mandolin

Exotic Paulina A20-D

Special Edition

Octave Mandolin

Pronghorn 2 Pt. 14-F

Special Edition Octave Mandolin

Road Dog F14-F

Special Edition Octave Mandolin

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