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We all have the same 24 hours a day to work with, and how we choose to utilize that time defines us as sales professionals in the musical instrument and pro audio business we call home. In previous blog posts, I’ve shared time-saving concepts such as “Concentric Travel”, and of course stating the obvious about the importance of organizing your day. Each of us gets to choose when we get up, when we go to sleep at night, and what we do during our waking hours. It’s the in-between time that ultimately defines our performance, along with the satisfaction derived from a job well done.

Building a skyscraper

I tend to marvel at the accomplishments of the great philosophers, writers, artists, and statesmen, yet realize that each of them had the same daily opportunity as we do. Driving into Manhattan and looking skyward, I’m amazed at what architects, designers, and builders can accomplish, and contemplate by comparison the day-to-day pace at which we complete projects in our world. Perhaps not directly related, but my point is we can all strive for greatness and make the best of the time we are each allotted.

A free getaway – with a catch

Imagine you received a registered letter this morning, letting you know that at 7 pm tonight a limo driver would pull up to your house and take you and your significant other to the airport. From there you would board a first-class flight to a tropical vacation paradise. ALL OF THIS PRE-PAID, and when you arrived at your destination a personal concierge would tend to your needs, ensure your comfort and ultimate relaxation, and hand you a briefcase full of spending money. There’s just one hook – to qualify for the 7 pm pickup and fantasy trip, you’ll need to book at least $25,000 in new business before the end of business today. My guess is that many of us would simply find a way to get the job done. Every moment of available time would be spent achieving the goal while your partner started packing. This, of course, is a story adapted from the master Zig Ziglar, his point being: SELL EVERY DAY LIKE YOU’RE LEAVING FOR A LUXURY VACATION AT 7 PM. You’d be amazed at how productive, organized, and successful you would be with that singular goal in mind.

It’s a personal matter

My final message to you is this – MAKE A PERSONAL DIFFERENCE – Take a stand daily for what’s right, and “deliver the goods” to yourself, your family, friends, company, vendors, and customers. Each day offers us a clean slate, with 1440 glorious minutes and an empty page to write the story of our choosing. Every 24 hours it’s all about what you’re capable of contributing – so give more than you take, listen more than you talk, and offer more than you ask for.

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